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Sign Our Open Letter

As part of this campaign, and to ensure local Tasmanian’s needs are considered in the lead up to the election we have composed an open letter to all senators and elected representatives. I should also add we are a non-political organisation and the purpose is to push for better policy, not to favour any party. 


As stated in our letter, oil and gas exploration and harmful practises that come with it, such as seismic testing, are not only damaging to our marine environment but to a wide range of local businesses and communities.

It has taken many years of hard work for Tasmania to build up its pristine image that is now showcased and celebrated around the world. This reputation has been built on the foundations of our incredible environment, our amazing local produce (from the land and sea) and the people who have put in hard work to make it happen, such as yourselves.

Tasmania’s Fishing and Tourism industries have been key players in this success. However they will be the industries hit hardest by the introduction of large fossil fuel industry. As we know, COVID has already impacted these industries largely and this has rippled throughout communities over the past few years.  As life starts to get back to normal it is so important that together we safeguard the future of these local industries and communities around our island. 


As a business working within this arena, we are asking you to sign on to our open letter (attached to this email). By doing this you will join a collaborative of local businesses, organisations and industry bodies who care about protecting the future of Tasmania for many generations to come. 

Please see the full letter below.

Sign Here

Please only sign our open letter if you are a business or organisation. 

If you are an individal please head to our petitions page. 

Thanks for signing!

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